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Everybody's Hometown Hostess

Hello there! I'm Celina Brandt, your Hometown Hostess, and I'm absolutely delighted to welcome you here!

My family and I are blessed to call ourselves Prescottonians, and live in the heart of Arizona's charming mile-high city, Prescott. Affectionately known by the locals as "Everybody's Hometown", every street tells a story, and the warmth of hospitality fills the air. Here, amidst the picturesque pines, and neighborly personalities, I've cultivated a love for creating community, and hosting festive gatherings. 

With two decades of professional expertise in entertaining, event planning, and design, I've dedicated my career to infusing the art of hospitality into life's most special moments. True hospitality, to me, is about creating an atmosphere where others feel welcomed, loved, and truly seen. It's a sentiment that I carry with me as I craft beautiful parties, curate decor for special occasions, and design interiors that radiate the essence of home.

At Hometown Hostess, I channel my talents and passion into transforming gatherings into cherished memories. Whether it's through the careful curation of a party, the thoughtful arrangement of decor, or the creation of inviting interiors, I'm here to guide you in making life's special moments more memorable, and to leave you and your guests feeling blessed and cared for. Moreover, I find joy in sharing my knowledge and expertise, teaching others how to elevate their homes, explore their creativity through crafting, and effortlessly entertain.

So come on in, sit a spell, and make yourself feel at home! Grab that cozy mug filled with your favorite beverage, and let's chat – about how we can transform your celebrations into unforgettable memories, and your spaces into inviting works of art.


Let's create something beautiful together!




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